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Learning and Performace People | (02) 9532 1236
Learning and Performace People | (02) 9532 1236
Learning and Performace People | (02) 9532 1236
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Here is a learning method that is helping businesses achieve better results!

Learning & Performance People is proud to present theatre@work – our signature workplace learning system that will provide you and your teams with powerful outcomes through an effective combination of entertainment and learning.

Designed for large groups, theatre@work presents a theatrical production to reflect real issues in your workplace. It’s a cost effective way to involve all your employees in learning and development activities.

Through our consultative process with you, we will bring together a team of hand-picked professional actors who are a reflection of your workplace environment, and an experienced world-class facilitator, to work with you in designing and bringing to life your very own theatre@work production.

The ability to view workplace issues from a thirdperson perspective will allow your team to learn objectively. This means that when faced with similar situations, your employees will be familiar with the experience, and they will act quickly and think from more than just their own perspective.


"Having seen several of your productions recently, I wanted to thank-you for 'thinking outside of the box' when it comes to learning. I love the way you and your team deal with very real and delicate issues and want to take this opportunity to recommend your work to both HR and Senior Leaders looking for a fresh way to tackle key issues and opportunities. I look forward to continuing our working relationship March 22, 2011"

Julia Palmer
Chief Executive at
Business Networking Academy



For details on future events, contact Shelley on
02 9532 1236 or 0408 412 255. If you prefer,
please email Shelley - sjohnson@theatreatwork.com.au

Crossing the Line – Workplace Bullying
This 2 hour theatre@work production explores the concept of developing respectful workplace behaviours and what happens when employees and managers condone disrespectful behaviour. We look at the implications of crossing the line into discrimination, harassment and bullying.
The audience has an opportunity to discuss what their company believes is disrespectful behaviour. They also have the benefit of asking questions to a workplace law consultant during the session.

Crossing the Line can be tailored to suit the working environment for a large range of companies and industries.

Learning Outcomes:
To increase participants’ awareness of:

  • the everyday interactions that come close to the line of respect / disrespect
  • the effect disrespectful behaviours have on others
  • the legal ramifications if people choose to bully or harass others.

Trust Me!
Our popular theatre@work production “Trust Me!” is a powerful production that will entertain, educate and help your team to create a bond of trust both internally and externally.

Too Much Change!
Our latest theatre@work production that is now
available to you is “Too Much Change!” – an
amazing production that explores employees’ and managers’ reactions to change at work.


Learning and Performace People | (02) 9532 1236
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